Peninsula Vacation Rentals

I came to know the Leelanau Peninsula as a pre-teen when my parents booked a cottage for a month on Little Traverse Lake. We were told that our summer vacation would be a real adventure because there would be no electricity, no indoor plumbing, a fireplace for heat, and kerosene lamps for light. My younger sister and I had gone to Girl Scout Camp, so we made “Caper Charts” for all the chores. Mom and Dad, parents of six young children, had a wonderful month’s vacation and so began our family’s love affair with Leelanau County.

My parents built a cottage on Little Traverse Lake, and 50 years later Dad and Mom are gone, and all the kids have grown up, some moving far away. I ended up raising my family and earning a living as a teacher in Leelanau County. Since I lived in the area, the family asked me to manage renting the cottage for the summer. That was a good fit for a teacher who had summers available for work.

A few years later, our dear uncle passed away and my cousins asked me to manage their property on Lake Michigan. Then a couple of friends asked me to take over their properties and mentioned my name to others. It has been a great adventure watching this little business grow. Now that I am retired from teaching, I can spend more time offering other families the opportunity to begin their love affair with Leelanau County, the place my dad called “God’s Country”. -Mary Lou Landry